Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Item to my collection :)

In Knox City Shopping Centre, was walking down some shops then i came accross a sport shop which sells soccer stuff. Was amazed when i saw a Mercurial Talaria IV aka. Mercurial Vapour IV in some way, and it only costs $99. I said to myself i will feel guilty not buying that shoe. HAHA....

I try it on and it matches my size and it was the last pair, god im lucky and this must be fate between me and this Mercurial Talaria IV. I actually wanted the r3d one but unfortunately they just sell orange. Well stuff what colour they are, i juz grab them Don't want to feel guilty not buying it. Finally i got it, this is the lightest soccer shoe i have ever worn and it only weight (9 oz). Now thats light. But not as light as the Mercurial Vapour Sl carbon which is 6.7 oz.

Amazing huh... so light mang....

I have spent alot of money buying soccer shoes, juz 3 mths ago i bought a Adidas Predator Absolado and now another new soccer shoe (Mercurial Talaria IV). Wonder whats next HAHA..

Well if i have enough money i'll probable buy some other light boots like PUMA V. 1.08 which is 6.7 oz. Another light shoe...Well hats all about the new collection.