Saturday, November 28, 2009

Check this out

I couldnt sleep well last nite, guess youz know the reasons why. Well i slept at 5am and had to wake up at 7am to prepare myself for my trial at Monash Caulfield FC trial. Went down to the train station, travelled on the train fer 1hr, it was pretty far, but my leg was too itchy i need to play the beautiful game :D

Arrived there and waited fer a few minutes then more and more ppl appeared at the training ground. The trial started wif a few jogs, surprisingly no drills at all, so tats pretty relaxing and by far the easiest trial i've been to.

The coach then set us up with a game, i was trying out my new position as a centre forward, and it turned out pretty well after studyin some clips (Ronaldo, Van Nistlerooy, Michael Owen). The team did pretty well i guess, i scored 2 goals and i was quickly running out of steam easily, maybe its because i dont have enough sleep, i havent felt this feelign b4. Gotta sleep earlier and be more consistent with my pre-seasn training like my bro.

After the game, the coach came to me and told i did pretty well and offered me a space next season. Well after thinking, i finally concluded that im not going to join that team, its too far and i cant be bothered travelling that far every sunday and weekdays fer training. LoL i would like to apologize to one of the players over there, he feel over the ball and broke his collar bone (ouch). Well this was what happened, He was running for with the ball, i stick my foot out to stop the ball. After stopping the ball he tripped on the ball and fell. Sorry Mate~ things happen

Im returning to Malaysia in about 2 days, getting pretty pumped for the inter-church futsal tourni, and seeing someone :D

Well guess that's pretty much what happened today

Monday, November 16, 2009

My new Mrs. :D

YEAP~ Tat's my new Mrs. :D
Met her in Life Game back in erm.. Dec 2007 i think
Muz admit that i had the guts to ask fer her mobile :p is that true Jiar wen?
After getting her number i was hanging out wif her all the time at the camp, had fun talkin to her using the HOTEL PHONE LMAO
After the camp went out on a date with her to MidValley porbably that was the last time i seen her but we still keep in touch by using them mobiles and MSN. :D

After touching down in Australia things seems a lil shaky, didnt really talk to her tat much but beginning Oct 2009 we started talkin back and from there things happened. :D Happy things
LOL beginning from here things may sound moushy~ so if u dont really like it, u shud go

Alrite~ We stayed up late talkin to each other everynite and even started webcam-ing. From there i found out that i had feelings towards her and started thinking whether things can happen wif her. After a few weeks~ yeap im officially wif her LOL~ im not gonna tell you how i get her. Find it out yourself

As for now, ILY and will see you soon :D Jiar Wen

Coming Back!! & (Another shoe review)

Recently i juz bought a new Mercurial Veloci V indoor shoe.. yeh i kno the picture above is Mercurial Vapour V but they're kinda same. At first i had doubts about the mercurial Veloci V's capabilities. I was afraid that this shoe will restrict my movement and affect my dribbling. But after trying it out on the pitch i found out that this shoe is the best indoor shoe i've ever worn. Previously i was using Adidas F30+ and its a god indor shoe too but after wearing Mercurial Veloci V, U can pretty much say GOODBYE too Adidas F30+.

-Full control over the ball
- Shot accuracy
- Good for free kick taking

If any viewers want me to review any other shoe jz leave a comment :D


Will b coming back on 30th Nov and getting pumped for the lil tourni against KLBC, Grace BC, Charisma BC, and Emmanuel BC (biggest rival, BC derby). Here's the CBC FC call up squad:

1. Clement Choo- GK
2. Wong Ju Ping- F
3.Benjamin Khor-M
4.Brandon Khor- M,D
5.Jeffery Lee-F
6.Austin Hii-D
7.Yee San-D
8.Clifford Choo-M
9.Daniel Mok- GK,D
10.Joel Lee-D


CBC Achievements:-
3rd in UNder-15 Kuchai Lama Futsal Competition ($50) Prize
WON Emmanuel BC- 3 times in a row C

Individual Achievements:-
Clement Choo- Runners Up in Melbourne, Ivanhoe Futsal Mens competition (2 Finals APP.)
- Under-14's GOLD in Melbourne, Macleod Futsal Competition
- Best and Fairest Boronia Junior FC

Clifford Choo- Runners Up in Melbourne, Ivanhoe Futsal Mens Competition (2 Finals APP.)
- 2nd Runners up in Under-18's Football League Victoria East
- Christine Horvath Cup- Best player 2009 award