Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Everything's juz been going down, getting bad results in UNI, not performing in soccer thus being thrown to the reserves, stopped going to church and became the Clifford i swore to myself i wont be, from having a perfect relationship till standing on my own, not listening to god, dis-obeying everythin he say. Juz wanna share sumthin wif you guys. If any1 still read this blog, im really struggling in my christian life.

I had a dream, mayb god is tryin to tell me sumthin: Here it goes,

I saw myself standing in front of god, along side Daniel Mok and Peter Lee, both of them being rewarded for wat they did, being a good christian, there's me looking at GOD,feeling so guilty and shy. He was so angry at me, not even a single word from him, he straight away struck me down like how he struck down lucifer to HELL.

In HELL, i can tell u its so creepy, u'll piss in ur pants in juz 1 second, there i was, juz standing there, so dark, so warm, i was then put in a room wif other ppl, in the room there's this boxin front of us, were like in a cinema , i was then locked onto a chair, the box turned then there he was, inside the box, two horns, the scariest thing u've ever seen, i was then burned in the lake of fire.

Tat's pretty much wat happened, if ur seeing this right now i juz hope u guys can pray for me, pray tat god will open my eyes and change me, pray tat he make me a better person, and not stay this way. THX