Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Soccer Boots from 9yrs old - 17 yrs old

I've been playing soccer for 8 years and if your my friend you will know that i love soccer very very much. I have counted that i have bought a total of 8 soccer boots in 8 years. From New Balance to Umbro, and Adidas to Nike but my favourite is still ADIDAS!! Adidas have the best soccer boots and if your planning to buy a soccer boots let me recommend you some good boots.

For Power, you need to get Adi Pure, Adidas Predator worn by Steven Gerrard, or Nike Total 90 Laser

For Speed, you will need Mercurial Vapour IV, +F50 Tunit, and Puma V1.06 , Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho

If your a free kick taker, you will need boots which can give extra swerve or curl when you kick it,
- I recommend Adidas Powerswerve, Adidas Absolado, Mercurial Vapour Talaria IV

This is how you choose the type of soccer boots:
- If your not fast but you can have a powerful kick you can choose POWER boots like the ones i recommended above, though POWER boots are heavy but they give a powerful striking force to the ball. The front of the boots are customize to give a solid hit to the ball

- If your a pacy player or fast, you can buy SPEED boots like the ones i recommended above, these boots above gives you full control of the ball, and helps you when you dribble, these boots doesnt give a powerful kick but u can dribble alot with these boots.

-IF your a soccer player who likes taking free kicks, set pieces, long ball, and assisting. You may like to buy Adidas Powerswerve, the boots give an extra curve or curl to the ball

Goalkeepers- Power boots or Speed boots
Centre Backs - Power boots
Right, Left Backs, Wingers- Speed boots, Free kick taking boots
Strikers, Centre Midfielders- Free kick taking boots, Power boots

My Soccer Boots from 9yrs old - 17yrs old

New Balance SC602

Bought them when i was 9 yrs old for SRI KL primary school soccer team selection, my first ever soccer boots, my aunt and my parents bought them for me as a birthday present. I can consider these boots as POWER boots because the front and the studs of their boots are made for firm griip and power. During that time my position was Right Back/ Defender.

Umbro Speciali IT

Bought them when i was 11, this shoe brings back alot of memories, scored alot of goals with this boot. This can be considered another POWER boots, was playing for SRI KL primary school that time as Right Back/ Defender. This boots were hard to adapt for no reason LOL...

Adidas Predator Mania Lunar

My first ever Adidas Predator boots, bought them from Australia when i was 13 for Rm 300, this boots were worn by Man Utd legend and England Hero David Beckham. This boot helped me to bend it like beckham LOL. Seriously this boot can be considered the best boot for curving a soccer ball. I learned how to take a free kick from my school soccer teacher En. Zaidi, full credit to him. Probable the 2nd best soccer boots i have ever worn.

Well hope this Free Kick tip will help you guys taking a free kick:
1) Look at the positioning of the wall and the goalkeeper, its good to kick it up the wall and let it come down smoothly
2)Take a few steps back and look at the corner of the post
3) To take a free kick you must scoop it up, put in some curve, and some power
4)Hit the bottom corner of the ball

To be Continued ( 14YRS -17YRS OLD) Soccer boots

Monday, December 8, 2008

Update liao!!!

Hey people, havent updated for along time. Sry was busy going to the city and playin my nintendo wii XD. Playin FIFA 09, the game is so good with cool graphics and all-play method. So its nearly end of the year, and christmas is comin. There's no christmas mood here in my family but hope there is in melbourne. I cant wait to go back to Malaysia, get to worship and play football with my friends back there, but still long way to go. I'm going back to M'sia nx yr Nov,here's wat i'll do when im back in malaysia.

Firstly, its time to go back to malaysia and serve god in music, havent got a chance to serve here :(
Secondly, will want to go back to Malaysia to see my mates and play football wif them, LMAO, have you guys improved?
Third, Shopping for soccer boots, jerseys, pants, GATSBY!!, AIR FORCES!!, cool shirts and eat

Haha, 1 more yr to go till i go back to malaysia!!

Will update more nx time and let you guys know about Psychology

A little thing about Psychology...

Just let you guys know about Psychology which is an interesting subject and i plan to study it in Uni:
Firstly, Psychology is the study of the behavior and phenomenon of one individual. A Psychologist study the participant either by case study or experimental study. The study of psychology includes the brain, sleep, vision, learning, and much more. Just let you guys know about a little of learning, hav you guys heard of the cocktail phenomenon, well for example: Your in a party talking with your friends then suddenly you heard someone call out your name but you dont know how did it. That is cocktail phenomenon mate. Next, Learning, There are 3 types of learning which includes recall, recognition, and relearning. Recall is by retriving info with no hint given, Recognition is retrieveing information by like circling the correct answer, and Relearning is learning previous information and this is the best learning technique. Relearning helps because you learn information which is previously stored in Long-term memory which had been decayed because of not using it. So the best way of learning is Relearning, this is y u shud study and study again.

Lastly, I'll tell you about Memory. There are 3 types of memories: Sensory memory, Short-term memory and Long-term memory. When we learn things the info will firstly go to sensory memory then encoded to short-term memory and if rehearsed it will go to Long-term memory. Our memories are limited we can store 9-5 info in short term memory and juz to let you kno wat u study or memorise will only last for 20 min, but if u rehearsed and rehearsed again by maintanence or elaborative rehearsal you can consolidate it.

Well People hope this helps you guys in your everyday life or explain it. Cheers~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Partyin Around!!!

Afta the exams my frds were havin so much party.. went to callum's house last nite loads of ppl were there, ppl form yr 11 and yr 12. Had fun hanging out and chattin wif frds.. Stayed there till 11.30pm, ppl were drinkin and my frd Kyle got drunk.. He was like " OOi...any1 seen Clifford? Where is he?" i was juz in front of him LOL.. Many ppl were stayin over but i cant be bothered stayin over... Well somehting else happen to, had the worst soccer game ever, everybody was off form, lost 10-1 but no doubt our opponent were 1st on the ladder... Unfit sigh

To Deric: Too Bad la.. Man City trash Arsenal 3-0
Bad luck to arsenal fans and Deric Mok haha.. Try harder nx time

Friday, November 7, 2008


Had my Yr 12 Psychology Exam on thursday did quite well i guess hope to get a good study score. Now at least got some freedom haha.. Leg got injured on thursday's game got tackled and fell on the ground same injury i ad 2 yrs ago, leg got cut and bruised. Sakit siut bila apply ubat T.T

Was playing defensive midfielder coz cant run so juz feed the ball to other players, no goal but assist, tats ok i guess. Hope to recover from my injury and chase for the golden boots. Unlucky start to the season only 3 goals in 3 game. Hendak minta maaf kepada GOD kerana tak pergi church for 3 minggu bcoz of some problems. Saya akan ke church a.s.ap

LOL.after studyin psychlogy i have decided i want to study psychology in uni and mayb persue career in psychology.. YEAH POI!! Dr.Choo Kok Wei, Clifford sound pro aye? or mayb persue career in Full time Soccer player... hmmm wat shud i do aye? Give me some opinion u readers of this blog..


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day b4 Exam & Trip To St.Kilda

Psych Exam on thursday was studyin quite hard i guess coz is important for my ENTER score but this time no stress at all juz no mood to take an exam.

Encik Corbett my maths methods teacher...

Cheh Wah!! studyin..

After studyin and other stuff went to Friday Nite futsal at Macleod, One thing very special happened to me that day, probable the best day of my life. Here it goes, was playing defensive midfield at the first half then attacking midfield at the second half. After the game a man approach me,

The Man: Young man do u play outdoor soccer?
Clifford: Not now i dont
The Man: Well, are you interested to play for a club in Greensborough, Diamond Valley FC?
Clifford: I love to
The Man: I seen you play and that was fantastic football.
Clifford: (Malu) Thx

The man later took my number and said he will call me soon. After that day i was so happy, the feeling of being scouted to play for a club and being complimanted, IT FEELS SO GOOD...AMEN!!... this muz be GODs plan. I've been prayin since i was young to be a good soccer player and play for a club. Amen!!
Later that nite i couldn't sleep was so excited...


St.Kilda theme park

Little Enyi enjoying her ice-cream (Yummy)

Another photo

We arrived St.Kilda then was so hungry, walked around the street SEEING to shops like Fish & Chips, Nandos and others. Finally later decided to eat McDonalds...haha (SEDAP) the Maccaz cashier chick was so hot (Yeah BOy!!) sadly older than me...haha.. damn cute and hote.. wei... anyways..back to the story.. Grab a double Quarter Pounder meal it tasted so good then later went theme park juz walked around, the rides were boring..then later went to an ice-cream shop which is called 7apple cool name wif a 7 summore... Then went to beach, Lil Enyi was playin and i was juz sitting there checking out AHEM* lol...if u kno wat i mean.. Then the day ended going to boxhill gettin a hair-cut and dying my hair...then went back home.. tats all

The new hair-cut looks noob...LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2008



My school stadium, i took a photo of it..this happened at MUCK UP DAY where yr 12 graduates and do stupid stuff like throwing eggs, spraying cream, throwing flour, and other cool shit..LOL.. the above graffiti was probable done by sum1 from yr 12.. SALUTE TO YR 12!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Small Production

On SCREENS 5th November 2008

" Let Soccer Brighten Your Life, Joga Bonito"

Directed By: Clifford Choo

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got Screwed!!

Far Out!! lost 10-0 last nite $^%!@! must be the referee's problem, he was being racist giving fouls to me and not to other ppl, wat a RAT!! the guy was kicking me from behind and he didnt give him a card. REFEREE KAYU!! Wat a bad start for a new season...

Yr 12 psychology exam coming soon, juz finished studyin half the unit, so much pressure. Probable this will be the last update until my exam ends, need to concentrate more in studying. Something funny happened in school, one of my frd got teased by a yr 8 student, he got so mad he chased him around the school. I thought he was going to jump on him and punch him, but the kid quickly ran into his class. Wat a coward..

Found this
Goood times :)

Went Smith St. the other day, bought new Juventus home kit and a new shin pad for soccer both cost me $45.. cheap as... Wanted to buy new Converse chucks but too expensive and wanted to buy new mercurial vapour but no size damn... is so cheap $80 only but no size T.T


THE SIMPSONS!! new on channel 7, 7.30pm (Australia)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Relax or Work?

Finally finish my 1200 words essay and Psychology outcome 2day.. feel good after all the hard works have payed off but 2moro Bio outcome..sigh.. Exams comin soon.. so stressful... now i know as u get older things tends to get harder. Haha.. had fun at school 2day.. during free 3rd and 4th period.. went greensborough plaza for Maccaz, had a quarter pounder YEAH BOY!!.. taste so good. Later went back to school, cant play soccer during lunch coz need to do the Psychology outcome. There is also a new trend in our school, every recess or lunch or even in CLASS..LOL...we play CHOR DAI DE or 13 ( which is wat they called here). Studying in Australia is so much better than studying in m'sia.. u get to sleep in more... and school starts at 9. Subjects here are more interesting than m'sia.. these are the subjects.. Legal studies, Psychology, Music, Food, Literature, and much more... FAR OUT!! to enter Melb Uni for Psychology i need an ENTER of 91.. dont think i can get this high T.T.. I got 1 more yr of school to go.. nx yr is the yr that i muz PLAY PLAY~ like wat Phua Chu Kang said... LOL.. Starting to like Australia Footy now.. Its interesting when u play and when u watch, its juz like soccer but the ball is not round... it's a mix of rugby and soccer...both my favourite sport...2 in 1 YEAH BOY!!

LoL...oo yeah... there was a fight in school yesterday... FAR OUT man a yr 10 kid beat up a yr 8 kid coz of girl problems, the yr 8 kid end up in the hospital and the yr 10 kid went to juve*..LOL... GOOD JOB!!

TO YILIN: this is y we love mamak
1) Mamak serve good food like roti canai, nasi lemak, Cheese Naan (YEAH BOY!!), Milo PING,
Teh O Ais (YEAH BOY!!), and other good stuff.
2) Mamak got the enviroment to watch soccer
3) You can see funny faces and stupid ppl react after the person misses the goal. Example,
Commentator: Steven Gerrard croses the ball (piang) it hits the post
Ppl in Mamak: Aduhai, Alamak, Wah Liao Eh, My Grandmother can header better than u la,
with their face so dissapointed and sumtimes angry...LOL
4) You can see hot chicks sumtimes at mamak. Lol.. jin jang boys or LALA will (squeek) (squeek)
liang lui (squeek) (squeek) liang lui
5) We can have fellowship together at mamak and know each other more
6) Cheap place to bring GF.. Xp dun1 2 waste money
7) Nth to do lepak there...
8) last but not least..when ur hungry..and u feel like indian food...u will go mamak...

Clifford Choo 07

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yeah Boy

Lol....thought i would never remember my password.. luckily suddenly remember.. YEAH BOY!!
Went to school late on monday.. kena scolding by Psychology teacher..sigh.. 15 mins late only ma..LOL.. she kicked me out of class... STUFF THAT..

Tuesday 07/10/08
Need to write 1200 word essay about Kite Runner... only done the mind map...Wat A good start and its due 2moro.. and im still blogging here...YEAH BOY.. COMMITMENT.. Juz finish chattin wif Deric tried to persuade him to join Man Utd..

To Deric: Glory Glory Man Utd x 3
As the reds go marching ON!!

Arsenal sudah mati la YEAH BOY !! sry to say tat,,, XD

Ngam Ngam habis chattin wif Yilin... Tried so many times..but still dunno how to link her.. eventually after several tries...I DID IT!! Yeah Boy..

Well.. Soccer Season Ended...
These are the stats of Clifford Choo:
Goals: 10 in 8 games
Yellow-Cards: 2
Red-Cards: 0

YEAH BOY!! good start in Australia Soccer..
Tats all for 2day.. gotta do me essay...

Clifford Choo 07
Yeah Boy!! XD

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Startin a Bloggie...

Cheh Wah!! New Blogger In town!! CAYA lah wei... Clifford Choo here.. 1st time writting a blog..

Preview: Man Utd News, Life of Clifford, Soccer..Soccer... and much more Soccer... YEAH BOY!!

<------- Yours Truly

Anyways, woke up in da mornin.. check out some news about Man Utd found out tat Brown and Rooney scored, YEAH BOY!! Glory Man Utd.. When watchin the highlights... tiba-tiba remembered about watchin soccer at mamak, miss me homies in m'sia. School starting 2moro sigh... Biology outcome on the first day...darn.. and Psych yr 12 exam...pressure.. Gotta study hard to hav a good future. Well tats all for the 1st post..

Clifford Choo 07