Monday, November 16, 2009

My new Mrs. :D

YEAP~ Tat's my new Mrs. :D
Met her in Life Game back in erm.. Dec 2007 i think
Muz admit that i had the guts to ask fer her mobile :p is that true Jiar wen?
After getting her number i was hanging out wif her all the time at the camp, had fun talkin to her using the HOTEL PHONE LMAO
After the camp went out on a date with her to MidValley porbably that was the last time i seen her but we still keep in touch by using them mobiles and MSN. :D

After touching down in Australia things seems a lil shaky, didnt really talk to her tat much but beginning Oct 2009 we started talkin back and from there things happened. :D Happy things
LOL beginning from here things may sound moushy~ so if u dont really like it, u shud go

Alrite~ We stayed up late talkin to each other everynite and even started webcam-ing. From there i found out that i had feelings towards her and started thinking whether things can happen wif her. After a few weeks~ yeap im officially wif her LOL~ im not gonna tell you how i get her. Find it out yourself

As for now, ILY and will see you soon :D Jiar Wen

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