Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day b4 Exam & Trip To St.Kilda

Psych Exam on thursday was studyin quite hard i guess coz is important for my ENTER score but this time no stress at all juz no mood to take an exam.

Encik Corbett my maths methods teacher...

Cheh Wah!! studyin..

After studyin and other stuff went to Friday Nite futsal at Macleod, One thing very special happened to me that day, probable the best day of my life. Here it goes, was playing defensive midfield at the first half then attacking midfield at the second half. After the game a man approach me,

The Man: Young man do u play outdoor soccer?
Clifford: Not now i dont
The Man: Well, are you interested to play for a club in Greensborough, Diamond Valley FC?
Clifford: I love to
The Man: I seen you play and that was fantastic football.
Clifford: (Malu) Thx

The man later took my number and said he will call me soon. After that day i was so happy, the feeling of being scouted to play for a club and being complimanted, IT FEELS SO GOOD...AMEN!!... this muz be GODs plan. I've been prayin since i was young to be a good soccer player and play for a club. Amen!!
Later that nite i couldn't sleep was so excited...


St.Kilda theme park

Little Enyi enjoying her ice-cream (Yummy)

Another photo

We arrived St.Kilda then was so hungry, walked around the street SEEING to shops like Fish & Chips, Nandos and others. Finally later decided to eat McDonalds...haha (SEDAP) the Maccaz cashier chick was so hot (Yeah BOy!!) sadly older than me...haha.. damn cute and hote.. wei... anyways..back to the story.. Grab a double Quarter Pounder meal it tasted so good then later went theme park juz walked around, the rides were boring..then later went to an ice-cream shop which is called 7apple cool name wif a 7 summore... Then went to beach, Lil Enyi was playin and i was juz sitting there checking out AHEM* lol...if u kno wat i mean.. Then the day ended going to boxhill gettin a hair-cut and dying my hair...then went back home.. tats all

The new hair-cut looks noob...LOL

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