Saturday, November 22, 2008

Partyin Around!!!

Afta the exams my frds were havin so much party.. went to callum's house last nite loads of ppl were there, ppl form yr 11 and yr 12. Had fun hanging out and chattin wif frds.. Stayed there till 11.30pm, ppl were drinkin and my frd Kyle got drunk.. He was like " OOi...any1 seen Clifford? Where is he?" i was juz in front of him LOL.. Many ppl were stayin over but i cant be bothered stayin over... Well somehting else happen to, had the worst soccer game ever, everybody was off form, lost 10-1 but no doubt our opponent were 1st on the ladder... Unfit sigh

To Deric: Too Bad la.. Man City trash Arsenal 3-0
Bad luck to arsenal fans and Deric Mok haha.. Try harder nx time

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