Monday, December 8, 2008

Update liao!!!

Hey people, havent updated for along time. Sry was busy going to the city and playin my nintendo wii XD. Playin FIFA 09, the game is so good with cool graphics and all-play method. So its nearly end of the year, and christmas is comin. There's no christmas mood here in my family but hope there is in melbourne. I cant wait to go back to Malaysia, get to worship and play football with my friends back there, but still long way to go. I'm going back to M'sia nx yr Nov,here's wat i'll do when im back in malaysia.

Firstly, its time to go back to malaysia and serve god in music, havent got a chance to serve here :(
Secondly, will want to go back to Malaysia to see my mates and play football wif them, LMAO, have you guys improved?
Third, Shopping for soccer boots, jerseys, pants, GATSBY!!, AIR FORCES!!, cool shirts and eat

Haha, 1 more yr to go till i go back to malaysia!!

Will update more nx time and let you guys know about Psychology

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