Saturday, January 10, 2009

14 Yr old till 17 yr old

At the ageof 15 , i bought this Nike Total 90 iii, guess this shoes are best for strikers, this Total 90 iii gives strength and accuracy, not so good for running i guess because its kinda heavy, tell u guys something, if you want a shoe with power then it will be a heavy shoe and if you want a shoe which gives you speed it will be light but less power. Was playing defensive midfield when i bought them, at this age i slowly promote myself from a defensive player to an attacker.

AH Yes~ the classic AZT90 IV Supre,went to Hong Kong and bought them because they were very cheap, around Rm 80, hope its not fake. Bought them when i was 15 too, the offer was to good. Worn them for 2 years then "rosak" . Well nvm its fake or not, this shoe is like the previous Total 90 iii for strikers. If im not mistaken Wayne Rooney used the AZT 90 Supre Red NICE~

Nike Tiempo Mystic ii, nice shoe, some say helps you in dribbling, good for first touches, and accuracy. Well what i think is that this shoe helps you dribble but not that good for free kicks. I know free kick is about technique but type of shoes makes it better. I tried taking free kicks with this but Adidas Absolado is much better . I suggest you not to buy Nike Tiempo if you take free kicks, Ronaldinho uses Tiempo but look at his playing style, assist, dribble, and shoot. He sometimes takes free kicks with tiempo maybe its because of his technique he was able to pull it out. Ju Ping uses them, probable good for dribbling, when you play with him you can see how he uses this shoe. As for me i bought them and didnt really like them, because they aren't that good for set pieces.

Adidas +F30, very light shoe like mercurial vapour talaria, another speed shoe, good for set pieces, dribbling but not that good for shooting because of the material. Gives extra speed that i can guarantee, good for wingers, especially forward wingers, if your wearing speed shoes here are some tips, run on your toes or front part of your foot for extra speed. When dribbling the ball must be close to your leg so its better for controlling. Bought them last yr because it was cheap HAHA, last pair at Adidas Smith St. Cool shoe with synthetic material.

Adidas Absolado, the shoe that i just bought 3 weeks ago, already helping me alot after wearing them, the powerswerve actually helps alot to curve the ball when taking free kicks or set pieces. This shoe gives a solid hit but its not that light, If you take free kicks or set pieces i recommend this shoe or Adidas Powerswerve another good shoe. Adidas Absolado is the best soccer shoe i have ever worn so far.

Well thats all i guess from 9 yrs old till 17 yrs old

Remember always play full on, dont give up if someone says that your not good enough or you suck in playing soccer. Practice hard, work hard and someday you will be playing for Man Utd or maybe Malaysia. HAHA

I'll be having trials at Knox City FC later this week, so wish me luck, hope i can pull it out and play for this club. I actually had a trial at Diamond Valley United but unlucky moved to another area cant make it for that trial. Well pray for me. THX

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