Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got Screwed!!

Far Out!! lost 10-0 last nite $^%!@! must be the referee's problem, he was being racist giving fouls to me and not to other ppl, wat a RAT!! the guy was kicking me from behind and he didnt give him a card. REFEREE KAYU!! Wat a bad start for a new season...

Yr 12 psychology exam coming soon, juz finished studyin half the unit, so much pressure. Probable this will be the last update until my exam ends, need to concentrate more in studying. Something funny happened in school, one of my frd got teased by a yr 8 student, he got so mad he chased him around the school. I thought he was going to jump on him and punch him, but the kid quickly ran into his class. Wat a coward..

Found this
Goood times :)

Went Smith St. the other day, bought new Juventus home kit and a new shin pad for soccer both cost me $45.. cheap as... Wanted to buy new Converse chucks but too expensive and wanted to buy new mercurial vapour but no size damn... is so cheap $80 only but no size T.T


THE SIMPSONS!! new on channel 7, 7.30pm (Australia)

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