Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yeah Boy

Lol....thought i would never remember my password.. luckily suddenly remember.. YEAH BOY!!
Went to school late on monday.. kena scolding by Psychology teacher..sigh.. 15 mins late only ma..LOL.. she kicked me out of class... STUFF THAT..

Tuesday 07/10/08
Need to write 1200 word essay about Kite Runner... only done the mind map...Wat A good start and its due 2moro.. and im still blogging here...YEAH BOY.. COMMITMENT.. Juz finish chattin wif Deric tried to persuade him to join Man Utd..

To Deric: Glory Glory Man Utd x 3
As the reds go marching ON!!

Arsenal sudah mati la YEAH BOY !! sry to say tat,,, XD

Ngam Ngam habis chattin wif Yilin... Tried so many times..but still dunno how to link her.. eventually after several tries...I DID IT!! Yeah Boy..

Well.. Soccer Season Ended...
These are the stats of Clifford Choo:
Goals: 10 in 8 games
Yellow-Cards: 2
Red-Cards: 0

YEAH BOY!! good start in Australia Soccer..
Tats all for 2day.. gotta do me essay...

Clifford Choo 07
Yeah Boy!! XD

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