Thursday, October 9, 2008

Relax or Work?

Finally finish my 1200 words essay and Psychology outcome 2day.. feel good after all the hard works have payed off but 2moro Bio outcome..sigh.. Exams comin soon.. so stressful... now i know as u get older things tends to get harder. Haha.. had fun at school 2day.. during free 3rd and 4th period.. went greensborough plaza for Maccaz, had a quarter pounder YEAH BOY!!.. taste so good. Later went back to school, cant play soccer during lunch coz need to do the Psychology outcome. There is also a new trend in our school, every recess or lunch or even in CLASS..LOL...we play CHOR DAI DE or 13 ( which is wat they called here). Studying in Australia is so much better than studying in m'sia.. u get to sleep in more... and school starts at 9. Subjects here are more interesting than m'sia.. these are the subjects.. Legal studies, Psychology, Music, Food, Literature, and much more... FAR OUT!! to enter Melb Uni for Psychology i need an ENTER of 91.. dont think i can get this high T.T.. I got 1 more yr of school to go.. nx yr is the yr that i muz PLAY PLAY~ like wat Phua Chu Kang said... LOL.. Starting to like Australia Footy now.. Its interesting when u play and when u watch, its juz like soccer but the ball is not round... it's a mix of rugby and soccer...both my favourite sport...2 in 1 YEAH BOY!!

LoL...oo yeah... there was a fight in school yesterday... FAR OUT man a yr 10 kid beat up a yr 8 kid coz of girl problems, the yr 8 kid end up in the hospital and the yr 10 kid went to juve*..LOL... GOOD JOB!!

TO YILIN: this is y we love mamak
1) Mamak serve good food like roti canai, nasi lemak, Cheese Naan (YEAH BOY!!), Milo PING,
Teh O Ais (YEAH BOY!!), and other good stuff.
2) Mamak got the enviroment to watch soccer
3) You can see funny faces and stupid ppl react after the person misses the goal. Example,
Commentator: Steven Gerrard croses the ball (piang) it hits the post
Ppl in Mamak: Aduhai, Alamak, Wah Liao Eh, My Grandmother can header better than u la,
with their face so dissapointed and sumtimes angry...LOL
4) You can see hot chicks sumtimes at mamak. Lol.. jin jang boys or LALA will (squeek) (squeek)
liang lui (squeek) (squeek) liang lui
5) We can have fellowship together at mamak and know each other more
6) Cheap place to bring GF.. Xp dun1 2 waste money
7) Nth to do lepak there...
8) last but not least..when ur hungry..and u feel like indian food...u will go mamak...

Clifford Choo 07

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