Sunday, October 5, 2008

Startin a Bloggie...

Cheh Wah!! New Blogger In town!! CAYA lah wei... Clifford Choo here.. 1st time writting a blog..

Preview: Man Utd News, Life of Clifford, Soccer..Soccer... and much more Soccer... YEAH BOY!!

<------- Yours Truly

Anyways, woke up in da mornin.. check out some news about Man Utd found out tat Brown and Rooney scored, YEAH BOY!! Glory Man Utd.. When watchin the highlights... tiba-tiba remembered about watchin soccer at mamak, miss me homies in m'sia. School starting 2moro sigh... Biology outcome on the first day...darn.. and Psych yr 12 exam...pressure.. Gotta study hard to hav a good future. Well tats all for the 1st post..

Clifford Choo 07

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